Culture Connection Technology

We support culturally diverse teams collaborating through technology. 

Switch-On is a consulting and training agency that brings together leading thinkers on organizational, cross-cultural and digital challenges.

Our core training program

Switch-on offers a core program of two highly interactive modules, facilitated by leading thinkers on cross-cultural and digital challenges.

The program will enhance team productivity and leadership potential by equipping participants with tools and mindsets to better deal with cultural ambiguity in technologically mediated collaboration contexts.

Switch-on also provides customised team training and coaching. 

at a distance –
How to listen and be heard

Reframe listening as a deliberate practice and harness the power of focused attention.
Cultivate curiosity as a form of respect, empathy, and meaning-making. Anticipate operational challenges in digitally mediated interactions
Reduce cultural misunderstandings and increase clarity in distant communications

The art of interpretation – Understanding habits of mind

Reveal implicit filters and value systems informing perception and behaviour.
Reflect on cultural lenses  for self-awareness and rapport-building.
Identify and decode the signs of cultural difference in distant communications. Celebrate differences in worldviews as a source of rich creative insights.

Our Team

Switch-on brings together a team of leading thinkers on cross-cultural and digital challenges. 

Dr Christopher Bell

Associate Consultant

Christopher is a consultant whose 35 year career reflects his operational expertise in cross-cultural environments, creative arts and business in leadership development, change management and communication

Wesa Chau

Associate Consultant

Wesa is a facilitator, speaker and consultant on cultural diversity, especially in relation to leadership, community engagement and communication. She is also tertiary educated in software engineering. 

Julien Leyre

Associate Consultant

Julien Leyre is a French-Australian writer, and educator with experience across digital engagement, cultural production, governance and education design, in four languages and on five continents. 

Elizabeth Winkelman

Associate Consultant

Elizabeth Winkelman is a facilitator, linguist and digital curator who has delivered cross-cultural programs in China and Japan to a diverse range of people and organizations.